Green Roofing

Each roof has to be assessed for its load bearing capacity before a design is put together; some roofs can support trees and patios, others have to keep it more simple!

A waterproof membrane is laid first which assists your current roof and helps prolong its life span . These would normally be a GRP, a single ply system or a Widopan waterproofing system.

There are two types of “Green Roof” …”Intensive” and “ Extensive”

Green Roofing Tunbridge Wells

Intensive Green roofs

These can be planted with a variety plants , shrubs , small trees which will require a degree of professional and regular maintenance, often installed with an irrigation system.. These roofs tend to impose a significant load onto the structure below.

Green Roofing Tunbridge Wells

Extensive Green Roofs

These can be planted with sedum, small grasses and herbs etc. There require little maintenance and generally do not require a irrigation system.. The loads imposed on the structure tend to be less than that of the Intensive systems.

Within either systems , stone and slate tiles can be incorporated to allow walkways or patio areas, plant pots etc.

Green Roofing Tunbridge Wells

Creating space at home

It’s nice to have a natural space to relax in and rooftop gardens can create that feeling even in a busy town or city. So many houses have flat roofs on extensions and garages which can quickly turn green and incorporate decking and patios

Green Roofing Tunbridge Wells

Creating space for wildlife

Our urban and even agricultural environments make life hard for many wildlife species; natural meadows and wild flowers are so rare that bees are becoming extinct in the UK!

A green roof can be made up of grasses, lichen, shrubs, wildflowers and even trees creating small oases for insects and birds in even vast urban areas. Added environmental bonuses include improving building insulation which reduces energy usage and absorption of rainwater; this reduces the amount of water circulating in our sewer systems keeping it active in the natural cycle.

Green Roofing Tunbridge Wells

Creating space at work

Few commercial buildings can afford open spaces for staff to relax or spend lunch breaks, however, aerial photos of any town centre or business estate reveal acres of blank flat roof just crying out to get used; the added installation also has the effect of improving insulation and reducing your energy bills.

Green roofs offer huge potential for expanding your home with only very minor construction efforts; create a wildlife haven or a relaxing sun terrace where currently you just have a grey flat roof; some mixtures of grass and lichens can even be placed on pitched roofs.

We utilise our vast experience and expertise in green roof installations to work with homeowners and commercial clients from across Kent, Surrey, London and Sussex, including Purley, Orpington, Canterbury, Dartford, Sutton, Tooting, Reigate, Brighton, Crowborough, London, East Grinstead and Haywards Heath.

We install Green flat roofing at properties across Kent, London, Surrey and Sussex.

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For your complete assurance, we are fully accredited by System manufacturers

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For complex and intricate contracts we can offer a design service with the use of CAD technology to prepare and present professional, detailed drawings for both simple and complex details. Using the latest insulation products we can offer the highest specification roof coverings conforming to Part L of the Building Regulations on both flat roofing and pitched roofing.

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