Danosa Single Ply

Single ply membranes are synthetic polymer membranes which have been developed for roofing and waterproofing applications. DANOSA DANOPOL (Light Grey) and DANOPOL+ (Dark Grey) membranes are PVC-p (polyvinyl chloride), a flexible form of PVC which may either be hot-air or solvent welded.

Danosa Single Ply Roofing Tunbridge Wells

DANOPOL membranes are reinforced with either glass fibres or polyester nets (depending on application) and offer many advantages when compared to traditional roofing materials. Our membranes retain incredible resistance against tear whilst remaining highly flexible and very lightweight (typically 1.60 to 2.60kg per m2).

Danosa Single Ply Roofing Tunbridge Wells

Another key advantage when compared to traditional roofing systems is that DANOPOL membranes are UV-resistant. UV stabilisers are added to the formula during the manufacturing process, removing the need to maintain, paint or treat during the service life of the system.

Danosa Single Ply Roofing Tunbridge Wells

DANOPOL membranes are installed without the need for a gas torch or naked flame. They are hot-air welded using specialist welding tools or using a specialist formulated welding solvent. Once welded, the sheets become homogenised to form a single, continuous waterproof covering.

Flexibility of attachment by means of either Mechanical Fastening or Adhesion opens a range of specification options which can be incorporated into a full system specification for Warm, Cold and Inverted roof applications. Your system may then be customised to achieve a number of performance requirements such as thermal efficiency and reduction of external sound.

To date, over 15,000,000m2 of DANOPOL and DANOPOL+ membranes are waterproofing buildings worldwide.

We provide DANOSA Single Ply roofing installations throughout the South East

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For complex and intricate contracts we can offer a design service with the use of CAD technology to prepare and present professional, detailed drawings for both simple and complex details. Using the latest insulation products we can offer the highest specification roof coverings conforming to Part L of the Building Regulations on both flat roofing and pitched roofing.

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