From Tunbridge Wells Roofing Ltd

Over many years we have experienced many members of the public suffering from the hands of what has now become know as “Rogue Traders”. We have been aware of many cases where elderly, vulnerable and the general public have become victims of these criminals, and this has led us to try and help in the fight against this element of society.

We have recently encountered a rise in this activity where “door knockers” and “traders” are purporting to represent both our Company and staff members.

We have put together the following advice obtained from Trading Standards and other Government sources: –


Always insist on a written quotation.


Check the registered address, be careful if the address is a PO box, we are also aware of traders using a residential address in an attempt to offer a degree of credibility.

We are also aware of Companies purportedly trading as “Tunbridge Wells Roofing” using variants of our name in an attempt to gain credibility. They are NOT, in any way, associated with our Company.

If in doubt, please call our landline on 01892 531719 to verify,

Always obtain an alternative quotation.

Read the terms and conditions of the offer.

Beware of “estimates” as these can spiral out of control.

Check if they are a member of NFRC or a recognised accreditation body… Just because they have a sticker or say they are, does not prove anything….check first!

We are aware of a few local “roofers” using “check-a-trade” stickers on their vans and leaflets where they are NOT members and would not have been vetted in any way.


rogue traders advice
rogue traders advice
rogue traders advice