Slate Roofing

Slate Roofing has three main categories, Natural slate, reconstituted slate and fibre reinforced cement slate.

Properties of slate roofing include:

  • Natural Slate RoofingDurable and low maintenance
  • Non-Porous
  • Practical and Hard Wearing
  • Unaffected by extremes of temperature
  • Resistant to moss and mould growth
  • Resistant to Insect attack and rot

Slate RoofNatural Slates

Natural Slates offer a traditional, effective and attractive alternative to tiles and now, due to a wide selection of imported varieties, offer financial benefits over the long standing traditional “Welsh Slate”, enabling this product to be more widely specified throughout the building industry.

Available in a variety of sizes and natural colours.

Alternatives to the traditional slate now come in two main categories;

SlatingRe constituted Slate

Formed from thermo-setting plastic and recycled slate which benefits from modern materials and fixing technology; this can be especially relevant where ventilation products need incorporation within the roof covering and: -

Slate TilesFibre re-enforced cement

Which offer, in some cases, the traditional looks of natural slating, at a reduced cost, enabling this product to be more widely specified throughout the building industry.

All forms of slate are generally secured with smooth shanked copper nails to tanalised, 50 x 25 mm timber battens over a ventilating / sarking felt.

Minimum pitches: - [for guidance only]

Natural Slates
Natural slates 20 deg;
approximate weight 20kg/m sq.

Reconstituted slates 17.5 deg;
approximate weight 20kg/m sq.

Fibre Reinforced Slates
Fibre reinforced slates 20 deg;
approximately 21 kg / m sq

Based in Tunbridge Wells, we work with homeowners and commercial businesses from across Kent, London, Surrey and Sussex, providing the highest quality installations and repairs of slate roofing. Our work regularly takes us to Hildenborough, East Grinstead, Epsom, Sutton, Purley, Bromley, Gravesend, Dartford, Rainham, Gillingham, Maidstone and Ashford.